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    Oroko Language Development Committee (OLDC)

     The following description has been excerpted from the OLDC Constitution.



It sets itself the task of backing up and promoting:

  • The scientific study of Oroko language
  • The standardisation and modernisation of Oroko language
  • The use of Oroko language in various domains mainly in formal education and adult literacy in Oroko
  • The formulation of an alphabet and elaboration of orthographic rules in Oroko language
  • The production and translation of various books and other materials in the Oroko language.

    OLDC shall achieve its objectives through the following activities:

  • Publication of documents and reference books in the Oroko language as well as other original documents
  • Publication of journal, information bulletin in Oroko language
  • Organisation of adult literacy classes in Oroko
  • Organisation of training courses for monitors, teachers and writers in Oroko.


  • Alphabet Chart: "ABC wa Oroko"
  • Brochure to explain ABC chart and writing rules
  • Brochure "Why Read Oroko?"
  • Reading and Writing Manual (for those literate in English)
  • Primer (for new readers) - [DRAFT ONLY]

    To purchase any of these publications, contact one of the following:

  • OLDC General Secretary - email
  • Barrister Ikose Daniel, Kumba
  • Dan Friesen - email





    OLDC Literacy Subcommittee