The Friesens

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How God led us to the Oroko people:

The Oroko people were first selected as a potential allocation after a survey by World Team in 1992. We were aware of this during our attendance at SIL in North Dakota in the summer of 1994. Once when we were talking about the Oroko, one of our teachers perked up. At the time he was serving as a consultant with SIL in Cameroon. He went to his room and brought back a file of information that he had collected from an Oroko man in Cameroon. We immediately asked for and received a copy of his notes!

After our orientation in Cameroon (see Testimonies for how we got there!), the Cameroon Field Leadership agreed to place us and Scotts together as a team among the Oroko people.

Note: We hope to add more information about the Oroko in the future. Meanwhile, check out our photo section.