The Friesens

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World Team among the Oroko

World Team Cameroon began ministry among the Oroko in 1998. After initial surveys, Dan and Lisa Friesen and Mike and Becky Scott settled their families into the village of Big Bekondo. From 1998 to 2001, the groundwork was laid for Bible translation into Oroko. Scotts and Friesens concentrated on learning the language and culture, linguistic analysis, and building relationships with church and village leaders. 

In 1999 World Team helped organize the Oroko Language Development Committee (OLDC) and worked with them to establish the first Oroko alphabet in 2004. Since then, OLDC has published the Oroko Reading and Writing Manual and is testing the first draft of an Oroko Primer. A collection of short stories and a multi-dialect dictionary are also in process.


OLDC Literacy Committee at work 

Also in 2004, a translation board (OTAB-Oroko Translation Advisory Board) was formed and potential Bible translators were screened. In 2005, 13 people began training to be part of the translation team.


Review Team looking over drafts


Most of the Translation Team at first training workshop

Now, Bible translation and literacy work are in full swing and trial versions of the first Scripture portions are being made available for churches to use. In addition, World Team has been encouraging Chronological Bible Storying and local songwriting so more people will hear Godís word.



                 Oroko songwriting
Recording Oroko Bible stories