The Friesens

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Our Vision: To see a reproducing Oroko church using vernacular scriptures and other materials generated by an active indigeneous translation team by 2010.

To see our vision realized, we have developed the strategy below. We have identified five key areas with long-term goals for each area ( in blue ). Then, each year we set one-year objectives and action points for carrying them out.

Oroko Strategic and Tactical Plan

Technical Records: Develop the tools necessary to accomplish the rest of our goals

     2008: Complete an orthography statement and phonology write-up and pursue further training to aid in translation.

Literacy: Facilitate the development of written Oroko so it can be used for translation and church growth

     2008: Assist the literacy committee in carrying out their own strategic and tactical plan.

Translation:  Have an effective translation team and Scripture in use

2008: Facilitate 75%-independent functioning of OTAB (Oroko Translation Advisory Board) including finance management, translation teams, reviewers and testers, and encourage use of the Scriptures they produce.

Church Multiplication: Spread the gospel through multiplication both on an individual and church level

2008: Contribute our expertise to local church and parachurch organisations, establish Scripture Use, begin using Chronological Bible Storying, and equip translators and literacy committee members.

Team Growth:Promote growth in each individual and our team, and support other missionaries

2008: Promote growth in each individual, maintain team communication and support WTC field.